Classroom Newsletters

Happy September,
Creativity and awesome artwork is happening in the art rooms and the artwork is starting to fill the hallways!

We use Core Knowledge Curriculum, please refer to the fridge curriculum tab to see the topics and themed projects that we will be doing depending on the grade. 

Grades are posted weekly, please check IC for updates
All art projects are graded based on the Project Criteria Rubric:
Craftsmanship 25%
Concern for final appearance is evident. 
Creativity/Originality 25%
Design is individually created and not copied from sample or another student
Assignment Criteria 25%
Art displays the specific, vocabulary, style and technique targeted for the project
Work Attitude/ Time on task 25%
Work shows focus and effort and use of the Growth Mind Set of positive self-talk. 
For a total of 100%

Assignments now due and will appear IC:

8th: Folder Design, Exquisite Corpse, Line Activity, Thankful Thursday (TT) #1, Dot Day Flowers, TT#2, Op Packet, Op Drip, Pop Art Quiz, 
6th: Folder Design, Exquisite Corpse,  Line Activity, Thankful Thursday (TT) #1, Dot Day Flowers, TT#2, Greek Vases, Participation (9/22), Gestural Practices,
2nd: Starry Night, Self Portraits Dot Day Flowers, Abstract Cats, Matisse cutouts, and 3d Abstract sculpture is in progress.
1rst: Self portrait, Day Dot Flowers, Still lifes, Textured Owls and Silly Eyed Cats
Kinder: Self portrait 3d sculpture, Line lions, Star with Rainbow Lines, 3d Line Sculpture 

If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] and [email protected]

Mrs. Daly & Mrs. Garmon