Mrs. Vance
Welcome to the world of the LIBRARY and to SPECIALS as we soar into this school year.!

My name is Sheri Vance and I am excited to be the new teacher librarian reading with the students independently and corporately. In addition, I will be conferencing with each student. I will be meeting with classes for three weeks and then rotating to another set of classes. 
When I am not teaching your student's class, your student's class will still have an arranged time to come and check out book each week. 

In addition to the library, your student will be learning Social Emotional Skills along with our character trait of the month. I will have the character trait and the social emotional lesson material that your student will be learning in the Social Emotional tab in the menu. 

 As I began this school year, I will be starting my Library internship classes. I am excited to continue in this Library Science program that will only make the library experience a better one. I will be graduating with this degree in May, 2022.. My dad always called me the eternal student. I guess that he was right. As we begin this year, I will be starting my twenty-first year of teaching, and my fifth here at AACS. I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Reading concentrating on the needs of the Middle School student in 2010. . 

As you can imagine, I love to read and will make the time to include reading in the busyness of the weeks. But, I also love to make cards, scrapbook, cook, hike in the mountains and spend time gardening when I am not in the classroom.

My husband and I have now lived in the Denver area for almost five years. We love it here. Friends and family both state that my husband, Tim was made for the Rocky Mountains since he hikes at least twice a month. We enjoy seeing how the mountains seem to change every day and sometimes even within the day. 

The only sad part of living here in the Denver area is that our children and their families all live far away. Our oldest daughter, Jessica and her two boys live about an hour west of St. Louis. Our middle child, Christy and her three boys live in Chattanooga TN. Our youngest, Aaron and his wife live in Orlando, FL., working for a very famous mouse.