Classroom Newsletters

Hello AACS Families,

We hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving Break!  Quarter 2 ends January 12 when their final grade will be posted and adjustments can not be made.  Please refer to the Student Handbook on the policies for grading late submission of assignments. If there are any questions concerning grades or make-up work please contact Mrs. Daly or Mrs Garmon via email. 

We use Core Knowledge Curriculum, you may refer to the fridge curriculum tab to see the topics and themed projects that we will be covering based grade level and Colorado Visual Standards. 

Grades are posted weekly, please check IC for updates.

All art projects are graded based on the Project Criteria Rubric:

Craftsmanship 25%   

Concern for final appearance is evident. 

Creativity/Originality 25% 
Design is individually created and not copied from sample or another student.

Assignment Criteria 25%
Art displays the specific, vocabulary, style and technique targeted for the project.

Work Attitude/ Time on task 25%
Work shows focus and effort and use of the Growth Mind Set of positive self-talk. 

For a total of 100%
Assignments now due and will appear IC:

8th: Quarter 1 is posted in IC.

7th: Sub 10/26 & 11/3, Butterflies, Work Day 11/11, SL Practice, Still Life, Waterlilies, Landscapes in Progress

6th: Quarter 1 is posted in IC.

5th: Sub 10/26 & 11/3, Respect & Kindness, 11/28 Prompts, Leaves in progress

4th: Folder Design, Spooky Houses, Medieval Pop-out Castles, Patterned Pies, and Radial Design Snowflakes are in progress.

3rd: Folder Design, Pumpkins with value, Frankenstein Collage, Native American inspired Thunderbird pottery drawing, and Story quilt drawing in progress.

1rst: Art workbook, Self portrait, Cat and pumpkin, Candy Corn Bats, Sleeping Fox Drawing, Romero Britto inspired pumpkins, Textured Owls, Egyptian inspired hippos and crocodiles, Patterned Pies, Sun/moon drawings,  Mood Face Turkeys, Holiday Gnomes and Cats. 

We will keep 1 artwork from each student for the End of the Year Spring Art Show and will select exceptional work for the Festival of the Arts district art show, all other work will be returned to their homerooms to go into Monday Folders. 

If you have any questions, email  [email protected] for grades K-4 or  [email protected] for grades 4-8.


Mrs. Daly & Mrs. Garmon