Fridge Curriculum

Art Fridge Curriculum
Art Core Knowledge Curriculum Map

Assignments may vary or change due to differentiating to specific class needs such as time on tasks, and responsibility with materials.

Elements of Art
Looking at and Talking About Art
Assignments:  Self-portrait, Good Coloring practice, Designing Pete the Cat Shoes, Silly Faced Pumpkins, Scribble Monsters, Shape Puppets, All about lines, Lionel the Lion, ROY G BIV lined rainbow and clouds , Warm/Cool Colors Hot Dogs and Cool Cats, Warm and Cool Butterflies and Bumble Bees, and  Thiebaud style texture cupcake

Art from Long Ago
Elements of Art
Kinds of Pictures: Portrait and Still Life
Review Elements of art, Warm/ Cool colors Turtles, Draw along still life, Patchwork Elmer and Landscape, Owl Moon Collage, Mood Face Turkey, Silly Eyed Cats, Cave painting inspired animals, warm/cool colors moon collage, and Self- Portraits and Family Portraits

2nd Grade
Elements of Art
Kinds of Pictures: Landscapes
Abstract Art  
Abstract Art – Life-like and abstract animals and landscape
 Architecture & Japanese Art: Ancient and Present examples
Symmetry/line of symmetry
Form, Shape, Line quality, Placement, Emphasis
Assignments: Name design,  Self-portrait Kehinde Wiley style,  Starry Night” Landscapes, What is Abstract Paul Klee Cats, Review of  line sculpture, fall Landscapes, James Rizzi Cityscapes, Complimentary Color Monsters, and Giraffes 
3rd Grade
Elements of Art
American Indian Art
Look at Navajo rugs and sand paintings
Art of Ancient Roman and Byzantine Civilization

Create weaving patterns with yarn
Use linear patterns and repetition
Figure/Ground and how elements of art work together
Introduce size and scale relationships and horizon lines
Assignments: Self- Portraits, What is Figure/ground and positive/ negative space,  Native American themed art, Thunderbird and pottery design, Story book Quilt drawings, Winter Fox, and Using Value and Light in Pumpkin Still life 

4th Grade –
Art of the Middle Ages in Europe
Islamic Art and Architecture
Art of Africa
Art of China
Art of a New Nation: The United States
Assignments: Self- Portraits, Medieval Pop out  castles, Patterned Pie drawings, Printmaking Mandala designs, Chinese dragon, African symbols, Adinkra and Kente Cloth inspired weavings. 
5th Grade Core Knowledge Curriculum
Art of the Renaissance Concentration on Drawing Skills
Assignment: Geometry Stars,
Assignment: Contour drawing Zentangle hands
American Art: Nineteenth-Century United States , Hudson River School Landscape Painters Assignment:: Aerial Perspective Landscape
Art of Japan Study Samurai armor and textile art,
Assignment: Notan designs.
6th Grade
I. Art History: Periods and Schools (Classical; Gothic; Renaissance; Baroque; Rococo; Neoclassical; Romantic; Realistic)
Some assignments have been revised
Assignment: Greek vase mythological monster design
A. Classical – Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
B. Gothic – Art of Medieval Europe
Primarily a French Architectural Movement
Illuminated Manuscripts
Cathedrals and their components
Assignment: Illuminated letter

Assignment One point perspective birds eye veiw
Renaissance – Rebirth or Revival of Classical
Focus on Perspective

7th Grade
I. Art History: Period and Schools (Impressionism; Post-Impressionism; Expressionism
and Abstraction; Modern American Painting)
1. Impressionism
Art and artists
Assignment: Impressionist drawing with crayons
2. Post-Impressionism
Pointillism/Stippling, ink and watercolor
Assignments  Pointillism apple dot drawing, van Gogh Trees
3. Modern Art Movements
De Stijl
Assignment: Cubist portrait 
If time Allowed
Assignment: Drawing exercises surreal eyes

8th Grade
Art History: Periods and Schools (Painting Since World War II; Photography; 20th-Century Sculpture)
Architecture Since the Industrial Revolution
Abstract Expressionism
Assignment: Optical drawing
Assignment: Kandinsky abstract art
Assignment: Name Design Pop Art
Assignment: Abstract Action Painting
Assignment Pop art themed self portrait drawing