English Language Development

Welcome to the English Language Development (ELD) Department at Aurora Academy Charter School!

Welcome back to ELD, Falcons!
What is ELD? ELD stands for English Language Development. ELD classes are for students to learn and practice academic English and complex grammar that they may not learn from social interaction and TV. Students will use and practice different academic English language skills in an interactive manner with other students of similar age and language proficiency (ability) level.

Question: Why is my child in ELD classes?

Answer: All new Aurora Academy Charter School families fill out a Home Language Survey upon registration that shares with us which language or languages are used in the home.  If a language other than (or in addition to) English is used, we are required by law to give an English Language Proficiency assessment so that if a child is eligible, our teachers can provide extra English language instruction and support in a small group setting.   

Based upon your child’s assessment results, he or she is eligible for and will be attending ELD (English Language Development) classes each day. The classes have been a part of our curriculum and the District for many years.  We have an actual block of time, just like we do for art, gym, music, etc. when the students meet with their teachers. We focus on academic language, which is different from the social English that students use with their friends and family.  We group students with similar language proficiency abilities together to best meet their needs. 

We provide a vocabulary- rich, interactive environment in which your student can quickly advance their language skills and be able to better understand the academic language of their other content classes. Students will be re-evaluated at a later date and we will communicate these results with you and your family. 

ELD classes are not optional.  With a very few exceptions in special circumstances, parents need to support the school’s placement of their child just as they would placement in math, reading, or other academic groups. 

We are excited to work with your child and your family! 

Please see the document below for information about our mission statement and program plan.

Prgram Plan