Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On average, how many students do you enroll in kindergarten?
    1. For the 2021-2022 school year we will have 3 kindergarten classes with 26-27 students per class.


  2. Are there any fees to be paid?
    1. There is a $75 technology/book deposit fee that needs to be paid at time of registration.


  3. Do you have before and after school care?
    1. `Yes, we offer before and after school for grades kindergarten-8th. Here is the link for more information about our before and after school program, Innovation Learning:


  4. How do I get my student on the lottery list?
    1. Fill out the enrollment form on our enrollment page:


  5. When is the lottery run and how will we be contacted if our student is chosen?
    1. The lottery for the 2021-2022 school year will begin on Tuesday, February 2nd. You will be contacted by phone and you will have 24 hours to respond.


  6. What if I have multiple students I am wanting to enroll?
    1. If we have the spots in all the grades for your children, we will accept all of them. If we are unable to accept all your children at once you will be notified during the acceptance phone call so you can make the best decision for your family.


  7. If we have twins will they go in the same class?
    1. We typically split twins up so they are in different classes.


  8. Do we still get notified even if our child is not selected?
    1. No, we do not notify you if your child is not accepted. You may contact the office to find where we are in the process and where your family stands.


  9. What are the school hours?
    1. Monday-Friday from 7:58am-3:20pm.


  10. Do you serve breakfast?
    1. Yes, we begin breakfast service at 7:40am.


  11. Where can I find information on the uniform policy?
    1. Here is the link for our uniform brochure:


  12. Does your school have a gifted & talented program?
    1. We do have a gifted and talented program with a dedicated full-time teacher. We also have an identification program. Our district has professional development with our teachers to help identify gifted and talented.


  13. How are students with dietary restrictions assisted with their challenges?
    1. Our health para and school nurse will assist with the students whether the food restriction is culturally or health related. If it is health related, we do ask for a doctor’s note to ensure proper treatment.


  14. Do you have Spanish speaking teachers?
    1. We have an entire language development team who work with students whose first language is not English.


  15. Do you have special education?
    1. Any student who has an IEP or 504 we accept. Once received we review the IEP and/or the 504 to ensure we can accommodate the student’s needs.


  16. Do you have dual language classes?
    1. We do not offer dual language classes.


  17. What programs does your school offer?
    1. Our school offers a Gifted & Talented Program, Intervention Programs for students on READ Plans, English-Language development for students of second language. For our students in 5th grade to 8th grade we offer school-year around competitive sports. We offer after school clubs for students in kindergarten-8th grade.


  18. What are some activities we as parents can be involved with?
    1. Parents can be involved with many different activities including assisting in the classroom, serving on the parent board and serving on a school committee.


  19. What preventative measures have been taken this year to ensure students safety while in-person?
    1. Classrooms have been fitted with plexi-glass around the desks. All staff and students are mandated to wear a mask. Teachers were asked to place desks strategically in the classroom to maintain social distancing. Classroom teachers check students’ temperatures as they enter the classroom in the morning. We have a separate nurse’s station for students displaying symptoms. We have hand sanitizing stations in every classroom and our bathrooms have touch-free sinks and soap dispensers. Every homeroom class has their own lunch-recess equipment bag and we have no more than 27 students in the cafeteria at one time for lunch.